Uptime Conference 2014

The SynapSense team, returning from its first Uptime Conference as a Panduit company, was excited by the outstanding response they received. The booth at the Santa Clara Convention Center saw a steady stream of people showing interest in our products, some for the first time. The addition of Panduit’s name to the booth and logo drew attendees who had not heard of the acquisition and others who felt more interest in SynapSense because of Panduit.


Amaya Souarez of CyrusOneDuring the conference, Amaya Souarez of CyrusOne, in a presentation to attendees, explained how SynapSense products enable CyrusOne to meet SLA requirements through segmentation and big data analysis capabilities. The flexibility of the EZ nodes gives them the ability to monitor individual racks or a group of racks, dependent entirely on the customer needs. SynapSense enabled CyrusOne to improvement SLA management, save energy and recover cooling capacity – an incremental 20-30% on cooling costs. Through a combination of environmental sensors and Active Control, they pull monthly reports from SynapSense to send to customers with SLA data at the rack level. In short, SynapSense enables monitoring and cooling control so CyrusOne can give their customer the information they care about.
The SynapSense reception always draws a big crowd. Some attendees indicate it is the go-to reception of the Uptime Conference and something they look forward to each year. This year’s Wednesday evening reception saw 350 people turn up to hear Andy Lawrence of 451 Group and Panduit CEO Tom Donovan address the DCIM market and the promising SynapSense/Panduit role in its future.


451 Group’s Lawrence told the crowd that Panduit’s acquisition of SynapSense moves them firmly to the top tier in the DCIM marketplace and solidifies Panduit’s commitment to software and the emerging internet of things. Donovan said that by adding the complimentary, best-in-class capabilities of SynapSense in Wireless Monitoring, Cooling Energy Optimization Services and Active Cooling Control, Panduit now has the most comprehensive DCIM suite available.