New SynapSense Technology Saves Data Center Information in Addition to Energy

Sacramento Business Journal
October 7, 2014


Folsom-based SynapSense on Monday said it will begin selling a new product that can help data centers avoid losing data in a power failure.

SynapSense Intelligent GatewayThe company has been built on technology that allows data centers to monitor energy use and cool servers efficiently, saving money. The latest product, dubbed an “intelligent gateway,” saves data by holding it in buffers — and resending, if necessary — to avoid a loss in the case of a power lapse.

This new version of SynapSense technology also allows for more monitoring of corporate and co-location data centers, with a 70 percent increase in wireless data nodes, the company reported. An increasing number of large businesses are dependent on data centers, which maintain the cloud in cloud computing.

The new technology is being offered first to existing SynapSense customers. These include national research laboratories and financial institutions.

Founded in 2006, SynapSense Corp. was initially funded by local venture capital firms and then later by a pack of top-tier international investors who invested a total of more than $43 million into the green-technology company. SynapSense was acquired by Chicago-based Panduit in May this year.


Mark Anderson
Staff Writer – Sacramento Business Journal

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