Environmental Nodes and Sensors

ThermaNode™ EZ ThermaNode EZ is a wireless node that measures temperature and humidity within the data center without the need for wired cable assemblies and sensors (in most cases). Easy and quick installation for most rack configurations, the compact and sleek design of the ThermaNode EZ delivers the capabilities and reliability customers have come to expect from SynapSense products. ThermaNode EZ also comes with an optional external sensor providing an alternative installation method for open frame racks in data centers.Download Technical Data Sheet Now
ThermaNode™SynapSense ThermaNode The SynapSense ThermaNode measures temperature and humidity from the data center racks, CRACs/CRAHs, plenums, and other environmental areas. Battery-operated and wireless, the ThermaNode transmits temperature and humidity data via the SynapSense Gateway to the SynapSoft management software.Download Technical Data Sheet Now
Pressure Node™SynapSense Pressure Node The SynapSense Pressure Node measures air pressure differences between two points in the data center (subfloor and overhead plenums). Battery-operated and wireless, the Pressure Node transmits air pressure data via the SynapSense Gateway to the SynapSoft management software. Combined with other air pressure data collected, data centers can use this information to increase airflow efficiency.Download Technical Data Sheet Now

Wireless Communication

Intelligent GatewaySynapSense Intelligent Gateway The SynapSense Intelligent Gateway™ relays data between wired and wireless networks. This wireless transceiver communicates with SynapSense Environmental Sensors (temperature, pressure, and humidity) and power measurement devices to send data to the SynapSoft management software. All SynapSense wireless products communicate through the SynapSense Intelligent Gateway.The SynapSense® Intelligent Gateway™ is also designed to buffer, retain and resend data in the event that the data center Ethernet connection is lost, thereby increasing the resiliency of the data center by avoiding loss of critical data. Further, the SynapSense Intelligent Gateway enables significantly larger wireless networks by increasing the number of wireless nodes which can join the network by 75%. This results in increased cost effectiveness for data center operators. The new Intelligent Gateway has also improved energy efficiency across the wireless sensor network.


Download Technical Data Sheet Now