EZ Does IT!

EZ Does IT!

By David Inniss, SynapSense Director of Product Marketing
Garrett Smith, SynapSense


There has been an increasing adoption of environmental monitoring in the data center as a means to provide visibility into the key environmental factors that affect availability and reliability. Real-time conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure and leak detection are only a few of the metrics that provide a comprehensive view of the status of the data center at any given moment.


With over half a billion square feet of data center floor space globally, it is pretty easy to imagine the varying levels of operational efficiency and susceptibility to thermal risk that exists among facilities. Despite the projected increases in market penetration of DCIM solutions through 2015, it has been clear that many operators have deferred the decision to adopt a solution based on costs and budget impact. These two factors combined describe the need for a comprehensive monitoring platform that eliminates some of the more popular barriers to adoption. Whatever the state of your datacenter, a solution without the sticker shock is what is needed—one that is affordable enough to make its adoption a no-brainer, scalable enough to allow for growth, and robust enough to deliver key benefits.


Enter the SynapSense® ThermaNode™ EZ


This device transforms access to thermal visibility for datacenters of all sizes, types and budgets. Facilities ranging from small computer rooms with less than 20 racks to mega datacenters; from closet spaces to colocation to global enterprise data centers all stand to benefit from this latest addition to the SynapSense environmental monitoring portfolio.


ThermaNode™ EZ is Scalable, Affordable, Flexible, Easy to install and Reliable (SAFER). Smaller, budget-constrained datacenters have the option to select a lower density monitoring package with the ability to supplement the system later if more granular monitoring is desired. Larger facilities can take immediate advantage of the flexibility and comprehensiveness of a more granular layout, if desired, to maximize their opportunity at optimized data center operations.


Multiple mounting mechanisms cater towards installation on the many flavors of server racks as well as Telco applications. The intuitive, end-user focused design makes the ThermaNode™ EZ the easiest temperature/RH sensor to install in the market today. Access to environmental information about the data center is only minutes away.


Regardless of where you are on the monitoring/DCIM adoption spectrum, The ThermaNode™ EZ meets your needs wherever you are!