Wireless Monitoring and Cooling Control

Power Monitoring

Growing IT loads are outstripping the power and cooling capacity in data centers and are expensive bottlenecks to increasing much needed IT expansion. To solve these complex problems, SynapSense developed Power Suite™, which measures power from the equipment level to the cabinet, to the circuit or PDU, and across the data center floor to display a real-time view of power usage efficiency (PUE).

From monitoring and metering, to tracking and trending power in a data center, the array of SynapSense energy management tools effectively optimizes and manages your data center’s energy usage. SynapSense Power Suite™ helps customers optimize loads, reduce stranded power, and identify capacity in real-time.

SynapSense Power Suite Data Center Power Monitoring
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Branch Circuit Monitoring

Branch Circuit Monitoring

SynapSense® supports Branch Circuit Monitoring (BCM) which provides data center operators with robust tools to improve their data center energy efficiency. Branch Circuit Monitoring enables circuit-level monitoring to capture power by rack or cabinet, and supports IT load balancing and capacity management.


The solution monitors amps, voltage, power factor, and energy. Combined with the SynapSense Power Suite console, BCM helps data center managers track and manage the power usage through all power distribution equipment with rack-level visibility. Our Power Suite products allows for monitoring of circuit and rack-level power, leading to phase balancing and optimization of loading across PDU’s.

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

Real-time PUE meters and visualizes power for the entire data center including IT load (including losses), cooling load, lighting, and total power. Data center managers can track trends and metrics to provide continuous improvements to power and cooling optimization for their data centers.

Real-Time PUE


SynapSense PowerImaging™ allows you to view power and cooling capacity data simultaneously, across a selected zone, or data center quickly.

SynapSense PowerImaging