Wireless Monitoring and Cooling Control

Environmental Monitoring

SynapSense Environmental Monitoring provides real-time visibility to assess current data center operating conditions, identify operational or energy efficiency opportunities, and quantify improvements. The system leverages the SynapSense data center wireless mesh technology to monitor:

Environmental monitoring with real-time visibility where ever you are.

  • Server inlet temperatures
  • Delta T across CRAC units
  • Humidity and calculate dew points
  • Subfloor pressure differentials




Mobile App

SynapSense Mobile App
SynapSense designed the Mobile App to increase the number of people who can gain access to their mission critical environmental information, while decreasing the amount of time they have to spend to get it.


How? Through careful assessment of the specific information a user would want to access anytime, anywhere through their smartphone. We have distilled the data accessible through the web console to the actionable information that a user of this device would want.


Mobile App Features

  • Built for iPhone and Android
  • Provides direct access to all Data Centers on a Server
  • View geographic locations
  • Gain access to key metrics at the DC or rack level
  • View LiveImaging
  • View and manage critical alert traffic
  • Get instant access to contact information



LiveImaging™ displays information received from hundreds or thousands of sensors by creating thermal, humidity, and pressure maps and movies. Data centers operators use LiveImaging™ to identify developing hot spots or anomalies in the data center, track an issue, and play back the sequence of events leading up to the occurrence.

View LiveImaging for your datacenters on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Web Console Metrics

LiveImaging Web Console


The Web Console provides actionable data with airflow metrics to measure operating conditions and improvements.


ThermaNode™ EZ

ThermaNode EZ

SynapSense recently enhanced the Wireless Monitoring & Cooling Control Solution with the introduction of the ThermaNode™ EZ, a product that transforms environmental monitoring. With a tiny footprint just slightly larger than a USB key, ThermaNode EZ provides data center operators the most cost effective environmental monitoring solution and unprecedented flexibility. ThermaNode EZ scales effortlessly with the changing configuration of the data center by building on the advantages of the SynapSense wireless mesh technology. Even in a large data center, installation of ThermaNode EZ can be completed in hours. Customers gain immediate visibility to environmental conditions with actionable data to improve airflow management, increase reliability and reduce thermal risk.