Wireless Monitoring & Cooling Control

Products and Services

The SynapSense Wireless Monitoring & Cooling Control Solution is the leading energy efficient Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution, enabling the world’s data centers to achieve unprecedented energy savings with enhanced reliability. Industry leaders view this platform as the future of environmental monitoring, power, and cooling optimization for critical facilities. By deploying our fine-grain wireless sensing technologies and cooling automation platform, our customers save 30-50% of their cooling costs (on average, up to 20% of total energy) per year in their data center facilities.

SynapSense LiveImaging

Environmental Monitoring

SynapSense Environmental Monitoring provides real-time visibility to assess current data center operating conditions, identify operational or energy efficiency opportunities, and quantify improvements.

Power Monitoring

Growing IT loads are outstripping the power and cooling capacity in data centers and are expensive bottlenecks to increasing much needed IT expansion. To solve these complex problems, SynapSense developed Power Suite™, which measures power from the plug or equipment level to the cabinet, to the circuit or PDU, and across the data center floor to display a real-time view of power usage efficiency (PUE).

Data Center Equipment

Data Center Assessment and Optimization

Assessment and Optimization Services

SynapSense Assessment and Optimization Services can baseline, analyze, and optimize your data center while increasing reliability, availability, and capacity. Services include airflow optimization, utility rebate assistance, a ROI analysis, and use of the SynapSense Wireless Monitoring & Cooling Control Solution.

SynapSense Active Control

Active Control

SynapSense Active Control™ provides energy savings and increased efficiency by continuously aligning cooling capacity with changes in IT load. SynapSense’s granular deployment measures server inlet temperature and subfloor pressure differentials to manage CRAH temperature set points and variable fan speeds.