Customer Benefits and Success Stories


Data Center reliability is one of the fundamental benefits SynapSense brings to each customer project. Energy savings can only take place once reliability has become inherent in the operations of a mission-critical facility. The SynapSense Wireless Monitoring & Cooling Control Solution enhances reliability by providing visibility to environmental and operating conditions across the data center floor. Granular monitoring (with tiered alerts and alarms), coupled with airflow metrics, avoid thermal risks and maintains resiliency. LiveImaging™ displays thermal maps (and movies) from hundreds or thousands of sensors for an intuitive snapshot of environmental conditions throughout the data center. Data center operators utilize LiveImaging to identify hot spots or areas of overcooling, and take actions to improve airflow management. Overall, the SynapSense Wireless Monitoring & Cooling Control Solution provides the visibility to enhance reliability. “You can’t manage what you don’t measure (and can’t see!)”