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Mike Egan

Mike’s dedication to the Lakeside Little League hits a home run and scores big with the children and communities of Granite Bay and Loomis.


  • President, Lakeside Little League Board of Directors 10/08 – present
  • Board Member, Lakeside Little League Board of Directors 9/07 – 10/08
  • Team Manager, Lakeside Little League 2009, 2010 seasons
  • Team Coach, Lakeside Little League 2011 season


Located approximately 20 miles east of Sacramento, California, Lakeside Little League serves the beautiful and family-friendly communities of Granite Bay and Loomis and supports approximately 450 players, boys and girls, from ages 5 – 16.


Lakeside Little League is a family activity that provides parents and youngsters with the opportunity to participate in a healthy activity, while learning many important lifetime skills, such as teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship.


Participation in Lakeside helps our kids to not only grow physically, but emotionally and socially as well. Children are our most important resource, and we all share the responsibility of providing them with opportunities to reach their full potential.


“It is extremely rewarding watching these kids grow up into responsible teenagers. My role is very time consuming, but the satisfaction and enjoyment over the course of each season far outweighs the long hours.”