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Uptime Institute Symposium Presents Amaya Souarez
Wednesday, May 21st at 11:40 AM

Amaya Souarez VP of CyrusOne to Present at Uptime SymposiumAmaya Souarez has worked in IT and Infrastructure Operations for more than 20 years, starting her career building PCs, servers, LAN/WAN, and continuing throughout the evolution of IT, online and cloud services to design, build and operate infrastructure since that time. During her tenure at Microsoft, she held the position of Director, DC Strategy & Automation, leading development, implementation and operational support for automation and tools supporting Datacenter Services. Amaya is extremely passionate about infrastructure optimization and sustainability. In April 2014, she joined CyrusOne as VP, Datacenter Systems, where she is focused on enabling customer success by transparent access to services, data or general information regarding their installed footprint at CyrusOne datacenters.
CyrusOne: Empowering Customer Success through Operational Transparency