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About Us

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SynapSense Corporation, a Panduit company, is a leading provider of energy efficiency-focused, Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions that deliver unparalleled visibility, resiliency, and reliability in leading data centers around the world.


With customers in industries including finance, technology, healthcare, defense, aerospace, and utilities, SynapSense technology has helped optimize data centers in more than 25 different vertical market segments. The company is supported by leading investors worldwide including Aeris Capital, American River Ventures, BOSCH, Crosslink Capital, DFJ Frontier, Emerald Technology Ventures, GE Energy Financial Services, Nth Power, and Sequoia Capital.


The SynapSense Wireless Monitoring & Cooling Control is a powerful DCIM solution providing exceptional value and return on investment (ROI) for customers. Strong customer demand for its solutions validates that genuine ROI is the core component of the emerging DCIM segment, and SynapSense has emerged as the recognized leader.


Our History

SynapSense founders Dr. Raju Pandey and Peter Van DeventerSynapSense Corporation was founded by Peter Van Deventer and Dr. Raju Pandey in March of 2006. Starting in 2003, Dr. Pandey evaluated different wireless sensor networking software architecture solutions while looking for a platform to develop an extensible, scalable, applications environment. The evaluation revealed that none of these solutions offered the features desired. Subsequently, Dr. Pandey developed a new, next generation wireless sensor network architecture over the next 2½ years at the University of California – Davis. The platform development is in part funded by the National Science Foundation. The core software technology for the platform has been transferred into the SynapSense Corporation.


Peter Van Deventer was a leading global sales and marketing executive with Intel Corporation, and intimately involved in the market ramps of servers, processors, datacenters, Wi-Fi, and cellular markets on a global scale. While at Intel, he had expansive insights into the emerging wireless technologies being developed by leading research groups worldwide, ranging from UWB to Wi-Max to Wireless Sensor Networks. Pete and Raju foresaw the coming ramp of the wireless sensor networking market and established early positions of expertise. Subsequently, they have created a company that is providing next-generation solutions for customers around the world.


After growing a strong portfolio of customers in the finance, technology, healthcare, defense, aerospace and utilities sectors, SynapSense hired Bart Tichelman as CEO in 2012 to expand its offerings and to meet new market opportunities. With more than 30 years of experience in the technology and cleantech industries, Bart streamlined processes and product development with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.


Bart’s stewardship enabled the acquisition of SynapSense in 2014 by Panduit Corporation, thus combining the Panduit and SynapSense DCIM solutions to provide our customers with unparalleled capabilities in wireless environmental monitoring, energy management, power and cooling control, device and network asset management, and capacity management.



The market for wireless sensor networks and solutions is the result of a new convergence of the instrumentation and information technology markets, as both are enabling a new “edge” made possible by the introduction of low power, low data rate, battery powered radio devices. These devices, which contain a battery, microcontroller, standardized radio, and often a MEMS-based sensor, are capable of sensing, computing, and communicating information in an extremely efficient fashion. Environments range from data centers to warehouses, and virtually anywhere there is a gap in instrumentation, metrology, and response.